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Revez Corporation Disrupts Media Industry With Introduction of Mediatech

By October 9, 2021Uncategorized

REVEZ Corporation (“REVEZ“), a homegrown innovation-led technology player announced today that it has acquired PGK Digital Networks (“PGK“), a Singapore-based media owner and operator of digital media networks, digital out-of-home (“DOOH“) advertising networks and digital sport networks. The acquisition is a significant boost to the Mediatech[1] landscape as REVEZ extends its technology capabilities to create greater value for PGK’s existing digital media networks and solutions. This move is strategically aligned with REVEZ’s business vision for a full value-chain digitalization for clients and partners in both private and public sectors, maximising end-to-end dollar spent.

[1] Mediatech refers to the incorporation of technology to optimise engagement or outcomes between media format and audience.

Embedding experiential technology in conventional out-of-home media formats creates compelling and dynamic DOOH experiences, which will effectively capture the attention of digital natives and strengthen the impact of messages. The ground-breaking acquisition synergises the knowledge and assets of both REVEZ and PGK to jointly differentiate themselves from traditional media experiences. A record-holder for “Singapore’s Largest Provider of Customised Multimedia Solutions for Museums and Galleries” in the Singapore Book of Records in 2018, REVEZ is known for their immersive multimedia technologies involving augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced interactivity while PGK, with decades of experience and owning one of the largest DOOH media networks provides the base for reaching out to millions of viewers in real time.

“I have personally known and partnered PGK for over 10 years so I have witnessed their growth first-hand, from pioneers in the field to a market leader today. This partnership kicks off a very exciting journey as we disrupt the Mediatech landscape with our performance-driven and Creativetech solutions. Together, we want to transform the digital advertising and DOOH media landscape in more markets and grow the company’s footprints globally,” said Mr Victor Neo, Group CEO of REVEZ Corporation.

Mr Giulio Dorrucci, Founder and CEO of PGK Digital Networks added, “Experiencing REVEZ’s exceptional success confirmed my belief that visionaries can indeed succeed against all adversities and reshape industry dynamics. The partnership between PGK with its established national media networks and REVEZ with its suite of cutting-edge creative solutions is a powerful differentiator setting us apart from other conventional media owners. Interactivity and Programmatic Advertising will be our next frontier to instantly bridge the gap between our outdoor messages and the millions of residents, professionals, shoppers and commuters we reach every day.”

Both headquartered in Singapore, REVEZ and PGK will leverage each other’s domain knowledge and extensive networks to offer an exceptional value proposition to their clients and partners. By incorporating innovative, tech-enabled media solutions to amplify immersive content via new mediums, the joint forces will shape demand in the Mediatech landscape and redefine traditional experiences.

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